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Trying To Engage Your Kids At Home?


Hey Parents, Activity Providers & Teachers, no need to spend hours searching the Internet to find educational activities during the CV19 break. PlayDoKids’s team searches the Internet and populates the platform with all kinds of educational resources both free and paid that have been created by caring and passionate individuals and organizations from around the world. Our goal is to connect you with these brave creators and the cool learning activities they have created and help kids learning from home. If you are a teacher or an activity provider who offers online classes feel free to list your details with us. The resources linked in PDK will inspire everyone to dream, learn, grow, and do together!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Team PlayDokids.

Image Credit: Freepik
Image Credit: Freepik

Quiz For Curious Minds


Hey Parents,  try our General Knowledge Quiz for children to beat the boredom. By having your kids take quizzes on animals, dinosaurs, science, geography, books and more!  they can be more aware of a variety of topics normally learned not only in school but at home with family and friends as well. It also allows them to have fun while learning. Who could ask for more? Just click the button and start taking the quiz as a family and have a fun quiz session.

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