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About Us

Playdokids is a Hyperlocal Kids Directory, that creates and organizes the information parents need and make it accessible through products, technology & community. Our goal is to simplify parents lives by curating Information in an age of un-curated data. Through PDK we revolutionize the way parents discover, share, and organize kids and family activities whenever and wherever they need them – in their local neighbourhood, nearby their current location, or at a future travel destination.

PlayDoKids was created out of a belief in the importance of helping parents in the process of developing a generation of self-reliant kids. Self-reliance help kids not to hesitate on a significant unexpected change of events, it helps them think big and think like creators who could explore the world with an open heart.

Unfortunately, this quality seems to be more demanding in the current world, as often kids seem to be lost in this fast pacing lifestyle. Among various reasons, family moving to different places due to job or other reasons tend to be the obvious factor for kids not being happy and settling. Instead of cherishing their childhood with curiosity and comfort, kids are often stuck between discovering and adjusting in their new place.

However, Parents are hardwired to love and protect their child, no matter what. Providing a safe, healthy and happy environment to your child is just part of being them. A parent will almost do anything to make their kid feel the belongingness and satisfied with their new home, school, paediatrician, park and many more. They can be very unsettling until they see their kids coping up with the big move.

As parents, we know how much effort you need to put into giving the best for your kids. Unfortunately, there is no trusted resource a parent could rely on to make an informed decision. That’s where PlayDoKids come into the picture lending an extra hand to our realtime superheroes (Parents) on giving what kids deserve, obviously the best! Our primary goal is to simplify parent’s lives and provide all the help they need to make their life journey with kids more fun, easy, and delightful to spend time building, exploring and creating memories together.

Our society needs kids who don’t assume “one right way”; instead, we need children who think their “unique way is the right way”. Kids should be embraced for being them. That’s when you tap their creativity and let them feel the power of confidence. If you are a parent who believes in this and trying almost anything to give only the best to your kids, then you are in the right place.

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